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The Connected Customer Experience

“The connected customer experience” explores how people’s feelings and expectations have changed over the course of the pandemic—and what that means for how companies engage...

Differentiate with cloud power

Cloud-powered services create benefits for all types of companies, yet most enterprises are merely scratching the surface of what’s possible in the cloud. According to...

How to Manage Third Party Risk

The adoption of digital transformation, cloud computing, and Infrastructure as a Service all have brought business new found success. However as an unintended consequence nearly...
  • Bloomberg reveals stunning 42% wealth surge in global elite families

    If any of you reading this happens to be a family member of a multi-billion dollar dynasty, I have great news — you are much richer than you were last year! A new report from Bloomberg states that the wealth of global dynasties increased by 43% in the last year. — Read the rest

  • Megyn Kelly says Trump's mental decline is obvious

    Conservative nutcase, blackface proponent, and former pillar of disinformation network FOX News, Megyn Kelly, is sure out-on-bail Donald Trump has lost his marbles. Kelly claims Trump is lying about intentionally mixing up a 62-year-old Black man living in Illinois with an 81-year-old White dude in Washington, DC, and forgetting we already finished World War Two. — Read the rest

  • Tourists stop woman from burning down Martin Luther King Jr.'s house (video)

    A 26-year-old woman in Atlanta was in the middle of an attempt to burn down Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth home when bystanders intervened. Holding a huge red gasoline can, Laneisha Shantrice Henderson can be seen on video (see below, posted by WSB-TV) splashing gas across the front of the house, as well as in bushes that border the porch. — Read the rest

  • Holiday sale on the Voyager Golden Record 3xLP box set

    We're having a very special holiday sale on the Voyager Golden Record 3xLP box set that me and my buddies Timothy Daly and Lawrence Azerrad produced. It's now just $88 + shipping! Order by Sunday night (12/10) for delivery by Christmas. — Read the rest

  • Strange underground honeycomb pattern found on Mars

    Dozens of meters below the equator of Mars, researchers have discovered a pattern of honeycomb-shaped fractures like the one seen above. Captured with radar instruments on China's Zhurong robotic rover, each polygon crevasse is about half the size of a football field. — Read the rest

  • Man banned from bicycling now in jail for riding to probation meeting on his bike

    Last month in Essex, UK a judge issued one Jake Carter, 27, a Criminal Behaviour Order banning him from riding his bicycle in his town. Now, he's spending eleven months in jail for violating that order. Where was Carter headed when he broke this unusual ban on biking? — Read the rest

  • Christie declares Ramaswamy "a jackass" with "a women problem"

    "Vivek does have a woman problem." Famed for spitefully shutting down a bridge, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tore into fellow Republican primary rodeo clown Vivek Ramaswamy for being even more awful than a Republican primary candidate should. Ramaswamy's fascination with attacking the only woman on stage, matched with his "smartass Harvard mouth," won him post-debate ire from the also struggling for attention Christie. — Read the rest

  • Awkward DeSantis hilariously battles stinkin' thinkin' on stage (video)

    Nothing about Gov. Ron DeSantis — the robotic smile, the flicking tongue, the angry retorts, the awkward tip-toeing around — says normal. But it all makes a lot more sense once you get inside his head, which The Daily Show satirically managed to do while the Florida man was waiting on stage at Wednesday night's debate. — Read the rest

  • Breakthrough in understanding whale language

    US Berkeley researchers used artificial intelligence to determine that some of the clicks used by whales to communicate are "on many levels analogous to human vowels and dipthongs," the sound of two vowels in a single syllable as in "loud." "If our findings are correct, it means that the communication of sperm whales is much more complex and can carry more information than previously thought," writes linguist Gasper Begus. — Read the rest

  • Astronaut celebrates Hanukkah in space with microgravity dreidel and flameless menorah (video)

    Astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli celebrated the first night of Hanukkah at the International Space Station. Check out the below video featuring a flameless menorah and microgravity dreidel. "Happy Hanukkah from the @Space_Station!!" Maghbeli posted on X. "Real candles not allowed!"  From the Jerusalem Post: Moghbeli's husband, Sam, is Jewish and their household celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah. — Read the rest

  • Eric Adams now New York City's least-popular mayor in polling history

    Mayor Eric Adams, beset by problems, lawsuits, investigators and delusions, now commands the approval of only 28% of New Yorkers. It's the lowest approval rating for a New York City mayor in Quinnipac University Polling history. 58% of locals disapprove of his performance. — Read the rest

  • Zookeepers spot tiger chewing on shoe leading them to unfortunate discovery

    Yesterday, staff at Punjab, Pakistan's Sherbagh Zoo spotted a tiger gnawing on a shoe inside its enclosure. Upon further investigation, they found the remains of the shoe's owner. At that point, the zoo was immediately closed until further notice. The deceased—28-year-old Muhammad Bilawal—suffered from addiction, according to his father, and "had a history of disappearing from home and returning a few days later," From USA Today: Punjab's Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi and Commissioner Bahawalpur have constituted separate committees to investigate if there was a breach in security or negligence by zoo employees, reported Geo NewsSenior local government official Zaheer Anwar while speaking to the media outside the zoo said that the victim may have been a"lunatic". — Read the rest

  • New Blue Screen of Death In Linux: Everything You Need To Know

    The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in Windows has become a bit of a meme over the years, with people reporting on how it interrupts their workflow. Now, as per a new report from Phoronix, Linux is adopting its version of the blue screen of death, which aims to serve as an emergency aid for... The post New Blue Screen of Death In Linux: Everything You Need To Know appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • New Android 14 Update Brings Pixel Repair Mode: Here Is How To Use It

    Sending your device for repair can be a cumbersome experience because users often need to reset the device, as entrusting a stranger with your private data is a risky undertaking. Now, in an effort to solve this issue, Google is introducing a new Repair Mode for Pixel devices with the Android 14 December feature update.... The post New Android 14 Update Brings Pixel Repair Mode: Here Is How To Use It appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • How To Access Gemini In Bard And On Pixel 8 Pro?

    Google’s Gemini has made all the headlines ever since its launch, thanks in part to its capabilities and features. And although the AI is still in its early beta phase, users can now access the chatbot to experience it firsthand. Here’s how to do it: Access Gemini through Bard The Pro version of Gemini is... The post How To Access Gemini In Bard And On Pixel 8 Pro? appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • 5 Reasons Why Google’s Gemini AI Model Is Better Than ChatGPT

    Following the launch of ChatGPT last year, Google found itself in a bit of a scramble, realizing that another company had beaten them to introduce the first generative AI chatbot. This led to the hurried release of Bard, which even Google employees acknowledged as underdeveloped. However, all this is about to change, as Google has... The post 5 Reasons Why Google’s Gemini AI Model Is Better Than ChatGPT appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • How To Disable Ads on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

    Amazon’s Fire TV Stick has long been a popular choice for converting ordinary TVs into smart ones. However, after luring millions of customers with an affordable and convenient smart TV solution, Amazon has recently introduced full-scale banner ads on users’ TVs, causing widespread frustration among users. Here is how to disable these ads in easy... The post How To Disable Ads on Amazon Fire TV Stick? appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • OnePlus 12 Launched: Specifications And Features Explored

    After a couple of disappointing years marked by questionable software choices, OnePlus sort of made a comeback with the 11 series. It once again hit the right balance of specifications, cameras, and price. As a result, expectations have been high for the newly launched OnePlus 12. Here’s all you need to know about it. When... The post OnePlus 12 Launched: Specifications And Features Explored appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • Everything About The iQOO 12: Release Date, Features, And Pricing

    Vivo’s spinoff brand, iQOO, has garnered significant attention in recent years by focusing on top-notch specifications at competitive prices, similar to OnePlus. Now, as the industry trends toward flagships costing upwards of a thousand dollars, iQOO has, once again, generated quite a buzz after announcing the launch of its new flagship, iQOO 12. Here is... The post Everything About The iQOO 12: Release Date, Features, And Pricing appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • 6 Best And New Instagram Features You Need To Enable Today

    Instagram, in recent years, has evolved from being a photo/video sharing platform to now trying to become “the everything app” by incorporating features such as shopping and reels. However, this push to being the only social media platform has also resulted in the company releasing a slew of new features with every update. Here are... The post 6 Best And New Instagram Features You Need To Enable Today appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • Is Putting A Case On Your MacBook A Good Idea?

    After splurging over $1,000 on a shiny new MacBook, safeguarding it from scratches and drops becomes a priority for anyone. However, deciding whether to use a protective case or not becomes a little confusing due to the myriad of opinions available online. Here’s everything you need to know before buying a case for your MacBook.... The post Is Putting A Case On Your MacBook A Good Idea? appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • Types of Screen Protectors: Pick The Right One For Smartphone

    A cracked smartphone screen is arguably one of the most frustrating scenarios, as most flagship phones today cost well over $1000. Additionally, considering the high repair costs of displays, screen protectors have quickly become an essential accessory. However, choosing the right screen protector can be tricky with various options available in the market. Here is... The post Types of Screen Protectors: Pick The Right One For Smartphone appeared first on Fossbytes.

    • Morgan Stanley boosts AAPL target to $220 over AI and Vision Pro

      Investment analysts at Morgan Stanley have raised their target price for Apple based on the outlook for Services, iPhone 15 gross margins, and high consumer interest in Vision Pro.An Apple Store logoMorgan Stanley's last target price change was a $5 drop from $215 to to $210 in October, where its analysts cited supply issues with the iPhone 15 Pro. Read more...

    • Apple distributes second tvOS 17.2 release candidate

      Developers can now try out the the second release candidate of tvOS 17.2, as the current beta cycle process starts to wind down.Developers participating in the beta can pick up the latest builds via the Apple Developer Center, or by updating any Apple TV set-top boxes that are currently running the beta. Public beta builds tend to appear a short time after the developer counterparts, and the public can sign up for testing via the Apple Beta Software Program website.The second release candidate beta is build number 21K365, while the first release candidate released just days ago had build number 21K364. Friday's build also includes a second release candidate of HomePod software as well. Read more...

    • Daily deals Dec. 8: 15" MacBook Air $1,099, $200 off M2 Pro Mac mini, 67% off Google Nest WiFi Router, more

      Today's top deals include an Apple Pencil for $79.99, a 16" M1 MacBook Pro for $1,200, 36% off a Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus heater and fan, 49% off a Shark AI Ultra robot vacuum, 77% off a Kodak Mini water resistant wireless speaker, and more.Save $200 on an M2 MacBook AirThe AppleInsider crew searches the internet for unbeatable deals at online stores to create a list of top-notch discounts on popular tech products, including deals on iPhones, TVs, accessories, and other gadgets. We post our top finds daily to help you get more bang for your buck. Read more...

    • Rumor: USB-C Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Trackpad are coming in spring 2024

      Despite rumors that they would arrive in October, Apple hasn't yet released its input peripherals with USB-C — but a leaker is predicting that they may be just around the corner.Apple did not launch the updated USB-C accessories alongside its refreshed 24-inch iMac after October's Scary Fast event. Instead, it opted to keep offering Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Mouse devices with Lightning.On Friday, known leaker Instant Digital took to Weibo and posted that Apple would be releasing an updated version of the Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Trackpad that used USB-C. They stated that the accessories would be released in Spring 2024. Read more...

    • Final day: get Apple's new M3 Pro 14-inch MacBook Pro for $1,749

      Matching the record low price we've seen on Apple's brand-new 14-inch MacBook Pro with an M3 Pro chip, shoppers can pick up the laptop for $1,749 with free 2-day shipping within the contiguous U.S. Units are in stock and ready to ship.Holiday shoppers can save $250 on Apple's 14-inch MacBook Pro in your choice of Space Black or Silver, bringing the cost down to $1,749 for only a few more hours.With B&H's online checkout closing at sundown Eastern Time, time is running out to score the all-time low price on Apple's newest notebook. The standard model features the M3 Pro chip with an 11-core CPU and 14-core GPU. It's also equipped with 18GB of Unified Memory and 512GB of SSD storage. Read more...

    • iPhone 16 microphones, Apple Watch flashlight, and Emergency SOS on the AppleInsider Podcast

      This week, we're all being spied on — a little — while some sources are hearing news about iPhone 16 microphones, and others are having their lives saved by Emergency SOS on their iPhones.Hosts William Gallagher and Wes Hilliard get into the good and bad of Stage Manager plus the good and great of Mac versus iPad, before remembering that there is news about governments spying on us, about what the iPhone 16 will do with better microphones, and more.Listen to the latest AppleInsider podcast. Read more...

    • Belkin partners with AppleInsider to track down vintage cable for Mac users

      Belkin is giving back to the Mac community this holiday season by helping vintage computer fans track down a much-needed cable in a partnership with AppleInsider.In October, we wrote about Belkin's much-sought F2E9142-WHT ADC to DVI cable that has long since been out of production.This cable was produced by Belkin for Apple Power Mac G4, Power Mac G4 Cube, and Power Mac G5 computers to connect to various monitors. This includes Apple's Cinema Display and Studio Display. Read more...

    • Tesla confirms Apple Podcasts coming in holiday update 'next week'

      Tesla has officially announced its annual software update, and as expected, the list of features includes the addition of Apple Podcasts to the cars' entertainment system.Testa entertainment systemThe news of the Apple Podcasts app becoming available to Tesla drivers was previously leaked. However, older leaks reporting that AirPlay support would be coming have yet to turn out to be true. Read more...

    • Apple's iPad development moves from China to Vietnam

      Apple is reportedly moving key engineering resources to Vietnam, which will now be involved in iPad development as well as production.Apple's iPad ProApple moved at least a significant proportion of iPad production from China to Vietnam in June 2022, and had been planning to do so for over a year beforehand. Read more...

    • AMD thinks it can solve the power/heat problem with chiplets and code

      CTO Mark Papermaster lays out the plan for the next two years Interview  Semiconductors have been getting progressively hotter over the past few years as Moore's Law has slowed and more power is required to push higher performance gen over gen.…

    • Open source forkers stick an OpenBao in the oven

      HashiCorp software faces challenge after licensing change The rebellion against HashiCorp for adopting a competition-limiting license for its Terraform software expanded this week, with word that The Linux Foundation aims to help hatch an open source alternative to Vault, the company's secrets management project.…

    • Uncle Sam plows $42M into nurturing fusion breakthrough

      Experimerntal milestone needs work before it can be considered a candidate for power generation The US Department of Energy has released $42 million in seed funding to help research the nuclear fusion techniques successfully demonstrated at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory last year.…

    • Datacenters feeling the heat to turn hot air into cool solutions

      It's tricky to pull off, but new rules may make reuse more common Datacenters generate lots of heat and myraid providers are trying to put this resource to use, but there are geographic and various practical limitations on re-purposing it.…

    • That call center tech scammer could be a human trafficking victim

      Interpol increasingly concerned as abject abuse of victims scales far beyond Asia origins Human trafficking for the purposes of populating cyber scam call centers is expanding beyond southeast Asia, where the crime was previously isolated.…

    • Messed up metadata could be to blame for Microsoft's Windows printer woes

      It looks like everything is coming up HP. Do you want some help with that? The curious case of the HP Smart app and unexpected renaming of printers has taken another turn, after a Reg reader pointed to broken metadata pushed out in a November Windows Servicing Stack Update (SSU).…

    • Time for a Geeko remix: openSUSE is looking for a new logo

      Days left to decide chameleon's fate ... vote now LOGOWATCH  Linux distro openSUSE this week parked its electric scooter outside the marketing boutique as it pursues a brand that somehow reflects the paradigm shift in its own not-so-corporate journey.…

    • Microsoft's relationship with OpenAI now in competition regulator's sights

      Has recent CEO, board shenanigans given rise to a merger situation? CMA is asking for a friend The UK's competition regulator wants to know if recent changes at OpenAI and its evolving relationship with Microsoft are cause for concern.…

    • Systemd 255 is here with improved UKI support

      This is release 0b11111111 (0xFF) – what could possibly go wrong? The 255th version of systemd is here, banishing support for split and unmerged /usr directories but enriching its UKI boot support.…