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The Connected Customer Experience

“The connected customer experience” explores how people’s feelings and expectations have changed over the course of the pandemic—and what that means for how companies engage...

Differentiate with cloud power

Cloud-powered services create benefits for all types of companies, yet most enterprises are merely scratching the surface of what’s possible in the cloud. According to...

How to Manage Third Party Risk

The adoption of digital transformation, cloud computing, and Infrastructure as a Service all have brought business new found success. However as an unintended consequence nearly...
  • American? Don't go to these countries: Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Somalia and more!

    The U.S. State Department has published new guidance, and a handy map, of the counties Americans should not go to. Getting you home again might be expensive. Iran has been assigned the highest warning level due to the risk of kidnapping and the possibility of getting arrested and jailed. — Read the rest

  • White House drops meme on Matt Gaetz

    The White House demonstrated a capacity to use social media and dropped a meme on suspected child sex trafficker and Republican "agent of chaos" Matt Gaetz. Gaetz has been busy trying to get the government shuttered, so he can attempt to oust "Speaker" Kevin McCarthy and then move on to phase three: run for governor. — Read the rest

  • Follow Huey the wiener dog as he travels around the world!

    I cannot get enough of Huey "the adventure dog," an adorable dachshund who is more well-traveled than most humans on the planet. Here's a fun compilation of Huey's "worldwide walkies," which features Huey walking in the following eleven locations: 📍Isle of Skye, Scotland📍Mt Baker Wilderness, USA📍Dubrovnik, Croatia📍Lillafüred, Hungary📍Plitvice Lakes, Croatia 📍Sedona, USA📍Gougane Barra, Ireland📍Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland📍Drežnik, Croatia📍Edinburgh, Scotland📍Senja, Norway Huey's Instagram account is called, hilariously, "I Took My Wiener There," and is full of videos and photos of the well-traveled and incredibly photogenic dog. — Read the rest

  • Google Maps "directed man to drive off collapsed bridge"

    The family of a man who drove into a creek and drowned following directions provided by Google Maps in darkness is suing the company. At the heart of their lawsuit: Google failed to update their map for nearly a decade after a bridge's collapse, even after it became a noted hazard referred to as the "Bridge to Nowhere." — Read the rest

  • I am thrilled with these cheap LED headlights

    For less than $40, these LED headlights have dramatically improved my nighttime visibility when driving. The plug-and-play swap took less than fifteen minutes. I've hated the stock Sylvania halogen bulbs that came with my car for years. When I bought it used, several years ago, LEDs weren't getting great reviews and cost a lot more. — Read the rest

  • Airbnb "cracking down on fake listings"

    Airbnb says its removed 59,000 fake listings in a crackdown, these having emerged as a major problem for an open registry of amateur hoteliers. Airbnb says the change in how prices are displayed discourages hosts from touting low prices but piling on extra fees. — Read the rest

  • Woman jailed after billing Men's Wearhouse with fake invoices for 8 years

    Gina Suzanne Lonestar, a senior employee at Men's Wearhouse, formed a fake company and used it to issue invoices to her employer for extremely boring vendor supplies and services. The scam lasted 8 years, generated $1.7m, and she was only caught because she used her personal bank account. — Read the rest

  • Disney "quieting the noise" to appease conservatives, says CEO

    Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors that the company was "quieting the noise" on culture war issues, reports Reuters, in an effort to appease conservatives. Iger's brief statement, included in an analyst report from Needham media analyst Laura Martin, was part of an investors' presentation on Tuesday at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, in which the CEO also announced Disney will double its investment in theme parks and cruise ships over the next decade. — Read the rest

  • OK Go releases a new explainer video for "Upside Down & Inside Out," which was filmed in zero gravity back in 2016

    Back when it was released in 2016, we shared OK Go's video for "Upside Down & Inside Out," which was filmed in zero gravity.  It made quite a splash at the time because it is an incredible video. WIRED described the video as showing the band "floating while ripping apart piñatas, exploding paint-filled balloons and generally wreaking havoc." — Read the rest

  • "Oyen the Cattybara" is a cat who lives with the capybaras at Zoo Negara in Malaysia

    Oyen is an orange cat who lives among the capybaras at Zoo Negara in Malaysia. According to Zoo Negara's Deputy President Rosly Rahmat Ahmat Lana, who was interviewed in this video by Free Malaysia Today, Oyen is a stray cat who appeared at the zoo three years ago. — Read the rest

  • The dentist that collects toothpaste in both normal and unusual flavors (including whisky flavor)

    This dentist has a massive personal collection of toothpaste tubes, and his favorite flavor in the collection is "whisky". Yep, that's right, there is a whisky flavored toothpaste in existence! He has toothpaste from all over the world.  He has chocolate flavored toothpaste (I had this when i was a kid, and it tasted nothing like chocolate), a rocket shaped toothpaste that can be ignited and shot when empty, a wasabi flavored paste, rose flavored paste, antique radioactive paste, and many more delightful flavors.  — Read the rest

  • Isaacson: Elon Musk brandished vintage gun, demanded Cyberpunk 2077 cameo

    On the eve of Cyberpunk 2077's literally game-changing 2.0 update and in the wake of Elon Musk embarrassing himself yet again (although that seems to be a daily occurrence), the two have intersected in a story that's as amusing as it is deeply, deeply pathetic. — Read the rest

  • Ugreen Nexode 300W GaN Charger Review

    The Ugreen name is becoming synonymous with computer accessories and, in particular, power adapters. I’ve covered Ugreen’s Nexode products before, but a new Nexode monstrosity is making its debut with a massive 300W of power delivery. Large power supplies have heatsinks, and often fans, that’s a given. At least, it was a given. AC to... The post Ugreen Nexode 300W GaN Charger Review appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • Ugreen 9-in-1 Docking Station: Pro Connectivity Reviewed

    With serial launches of great products, Ugreen is starting to become a recognizable brand for quality technology accessories. Having covered some Ugreen products in the past, it’s not difficult to understand why Ugreen’s products are really catching on in popularity. I would have found myself remiss to pass on reviewing Ugreen’s 9-in-1 Docking Station when... The post Ugreen 9-in-1 Docking Station: Pro Connectivity Reviewed appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • Beelink EQ 12 Mini PC Review: Is It The One?

    As Beelink continues to pump out mini PCs, one stands out as an incredible opportunity for those that run IT home labs. The EQ 12 comes out swinging with a combined connectivity bandwidth of 45Gb/s at a price that’ll make you reconsider your Raspberry Pi cluster. Many companies have been loading the market with NUC-alike... The post Beelink EQ 12 Mini PC Review: Is It The One? appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • NewQ 16-in-1 Docking Station: A Comprehensive Review

    My biggest complaint with docking stations is that they never seem to have enough connectivity. I’m using, I’m always forced to pull out some hub or dongle to supplement the docking station’s connectivity. This has been true of many docking stations I’ve used over the last several years. HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, a variety of off-brand... The post NewQ 16-in-1 Docking Station: A Comprehensive Review appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 Review: A Versatile Laptop For Everyday Use

    HP launched its upgraded lineup of Pavilion laptops last month with Intel 13th Gen processors: Pavilion 14, Pavilion 14 Plus, and Pavilion x360. In this review, we will be specifically taking a closer look at the HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 laptop, which is a versatile and powerful device. This device, with its sleek design and impressive... The post HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 Review: A Versatile Laptop For Everyday Use appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro X (2023) Review: Is It A MacBook Replacement?

    The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro X delivers a compact notebook experience without compromising on the specs. Lenovo’s Yoga series laptops have been one of the best offerings in the laptop market for quite some time now. Following this tradition, the Yoga Slim 7i Pro X has a lot to offer, with a high-end processor... The post Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro X (2023) Review: Is It A MacBook Replacement? appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • Bonelab (2023) Review: The Best Physics-Based VR Shooter

    The game itself is quite great but it's true potential lies in modding. The post Bonelab (2023) Review: The Best Physics-Based VR Shooter appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • Meta Quest 2 (2023) Review: Is It Still The Best VR Headset?

    How does it hold up to the next generation of VR headsets released recently? The post Meta Quest 2 (2023) Review: Is It Still The Best VR Headset? appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • How To Fix ‘The Last Of Us’ PC Performance & Shader Issues?

    Fix shader issues and long loading times. The post How To Fix ‘The Last Of Us’ PC Performance & Shader Issues? appeared first on Fossbytes.

  • Is Sling TV Selling Your Data? Here’s How To Opt Out From The Scheme

    Protect your personal data. The post Is Sling TV Selling Your Data? Here’s How To Opt Out From The Scheme appeared first on Fossbytes.

    • Headway Premium drops to only $59.97, making it affordable to engage in self-growth

      Elevate your learning habits with bite-sized learning in the Headway app, now on sale for 80% off through September 24.Headway Premium for only $59.97 from StackSocial.Headway makes it easy to read nonfiction bestsellers thanks to its 15-minute summarized breakdown, allowing you to read countless books to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to build a business or kick bad habits, Headway's Premium subscription for $59.97 is the way to go. Read more...

    • Eddy Cue believes Apple can reinvent sports broadcasting with Apple TV+

      Apple's move into live sports broadcasting is a strategic play to diversify its revenue and engage a broader audience, and it's been primarily driven by executive Eddy Cue.Apple exec talks sports in new interviewEddy Cue, a longtime Apple executive and sports enthusiast, spearheads the company's venture into live sports. Cue believes that sports offer a massive opportunity for Apple, especially as the company looks to diversify its revenue streams beyond hardware sales. Read more...

    • Best Apple Watch bands you can buy right now

      Now that the new Apple Watch models are out, companies are shipping new bands for any fashion sense. Here are the top picks for our favorite Apple Watch bands.Best Apple Watch bandsThe Apple Watch is a fantastic companion, thanks to its health-forward features. And, because you spend all day wearing it, there's a good reason to invest in a band you like. Read more...

    • Apple rolls out iOS 17.0.1, iPadOS 17.0.1, watchOS 10.0.1 updates

      Apple has taken the unusual step of releasing an update just days after a major release, with watchOS 10.0.1, iOS 17.0.1, and iPadOS 17.0.1 now available with the set again patching a trio of exploited security flaws.watchOS 10Generally, sub-point updates like Thursday's updates contain urgent fixes, or security updates. These updates go beyond the normal "this update includes bug fixes and security security updates" alert, though. Read more...

    • Google continues to awkwardly push for iPhone RCS integration in new 'Meet iPager' video

      Google has taken yet another awkward swipe at Apple's iPhone 15 and iMessage with another video designed to goad the company into adopting RCS.The video, dubbed "Meet iPager," is heavily stylized to look like one of Apple's signature product launch videos. The video introduces the iPager, a fictitious device that stifles innovation and uses outdated technology to text cross-platform."iPager is a device that uses outdated messaging tech, like Apple uses when texting with Android. It comes with all the features you already know: lack of encryption, broken group chats, pixelated pics and videos and the (in)famous green bubble," reads the video description. Read more...

    • Apple releases macOS Ventura 13.6, iOS & iPadOS 16.7, watchOS 9.6.3, macOS Monterey 12.7

      In a flurry of other releases on Thursday, Apple has also issued updates to macOS Ventura 13.6, iOS & iPadOS 16.7, watchOS 9.6.3, and even macOS Monterey 12.7.The newest version of macOS Ventura is now availableThe updates are very close to the last major updates for Apple's 2022 operating systems. Read more...

    • Apple seeds second macOS Sonoma release candidate

      A new release candidate beta of macOS Sonoma is out now, in what is likely the last test release before the full rollout.Apple releases new betasDevelopers enrolled in the program can access the latest builds by either visiting the Apple Developer Center or updating their Macs to the newest beta software. For public users, beta versions are normally made available through the Apple Beta Software Program after the developer versions are released. Read more...

    • Apple updates iWork with iOS 17, macOS Sonoma features

      Newly updated iWork 13.2 with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for the Mac, iPad, and iPad, has now been launched to take advantage of Apple's new operating system updates.Image Credit: AppleAll three iWork apps have added support for USDZ format, which Apple says brings "new dimension" to users' documents and presentations "with 3D objects. Then Pages has gained a new Minimalist Report template, "featuring elegant typography, colors and layout." Read more...

    • Microsoft unveils new Surface laptops, AI-powered Windows Copilot

      At an event mainly intended to promote an artificial intelligence tool into the next Windows 11 update, Microsoft has refreshed its Surface laptop lineup with a spec bump and a new Intel Neural Processing Unit.Microsoft revealed new products at its September eventThe company unveiled various new hardware and software offerings at its Thursday fall event. Alongside an update for Windows 11, Microsoft is also releasing new laptops for casual and professional users. Read more...

    • Beneath Microsoft's Surface event, AI spreads everywhere

      Windows gets its own Copilot to help operate the operating system – Edge, Bing, Outlook, 365 not spared, either Microsoft on Thursday further co-opted its GitHub subsidiary's Copilot brand and heralded the arrival of its own Microsoft Copilot as "your everyday AI companion."…

    • Epic payout: FTC opens Fortnite settlement claim floodgates

      Parents and players alike can now apply for a piece of the $245m pie The US Federal Trade Commission has opened up a website so that anyone who feels they were tricked into spending money in Epic Games' hit shooter Fortnite can ask for a share of a $245 million settlement pie. …

    • TransUnion reckons big dump of stolen customer data came from someone else

      Prolific info-thief strikes again Days after a miscreant boasted leaking a 3GB-plus database from TransUnion containing financial information on 58,505 people, the credit-checking agency has claimed the info was actually swiped from a third party.…

    • 95% of NFTs now totally worthless, say researchers

      'Even the most prominent collections are struggling to maintain demand' Just a couple of years ago you'd have no trouble finding some celebrity hawking a non-fungible token (NFT) project. But how quickly times change, as now, even websites dedicated to gambling with cryptocurrency are warning people to stay away from NFTs.…

    • US DoD serves up $238M Chips Act funding to 8 regional hubs

      Hoping to bridge the dreaded 'lab-to-fab' gap where R&D dreams go to die The US Department of Defense is investing $238 million in 8 Microelectronics Commons regional innovation hubs as part of Washington’s efforts to boost semiconductor production across the country, and in particular to bridge the so-called “lab to fab” gap.…

    • EU right to repair updates pass latest hurdle

      Makers won't be able to pull wool over consumers' eyes, though critics say it hasn't gone far enough Negotiators from the European Parliament and Council this week began the process of updating EU rules to ensure consumers are better informed about the lifespan and repairability of products before they buy them.…

    • Cisco spends $28B on data cruncher Splunk in cybersecurity push

      $157/share cash deal is the largest acquisition in networking titan's history Cisco is making its most expensive acquisition ever – by far - with an announcement it's buying data crunching software firm Splunk for $157 per share, or approximately $28 billion (£22.8b).…

    • Call me an Apple fan, says Huawei founder and chief exec

      Ren Zhengfei says he still takes lessons from American rival An Apple fanboi has emerged in the most unlikely of places – Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO at Huawei, the China HQ'd giant whose latest flagship handset is going head to head at home with its US rival.…

    • Korea's FTC fines Broadcom $14.3M for pushing 'unfair' deal onto Samsung

      Watchdog claims it abused market position to leverage 'unfavorable' long-term parts supply contract Updated  South Korea's Federal Trade Commision (FTC) has issued a $14.3 million fine to US chipmaker Broadcom for "unfair" practices against Samsung Electronics.…