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Adobe Sign means business

In a recent Forrester study, 58 percent of business leaders said that the pandemic led more people in their companies to adopt e-signatures. While document...

Second Edition State of Commerce

Salesforce surveyed 4,102 commerce leaders and analyzed the consumer and business buyer behavior of over 1 billion customers worldwide. We learned: How executives are bridging...
  • Microsoft is exploiting its anti-competitive advantage over the European cloud market, Google says

    Google is officially accusing Microsoft of anti-competitive behavior in the cloud computing business as the Redmond corporation is striking specific agreements with several cloud vendors in Europe. The deals, Google said, don't provide clear answers to the broader concerns the company has (and that the European authorities should have too)...Read Entire Article

  • Motherboard software bug can accidentally kill AMD Ryzen X3D CPUs

    Igor's Lab recently stumbled upon the issue while tinkering around in MSI Center. Using an MSI B550 Unify board with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor, Igor noticed the software was seemingly detecting the chip as a standard Ryzen 5xxx, which does not have 3D vertically stacked L3 cache.Read Entire Article

  • Sony may be forced to lower PSVR 2's price after slow launch

    Research firm IDC (via Bloomberg) estimates that Sony will likely sell about 270,000 units of the PSVR2, which launched on February 22, by the end of March.Read Entire Article

  • US national lab is using machine learning to detect rogue nuclear threats

    The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is trying to hunt for unknown nuclear threats by using machine learning (ML) algorithms. PNNL, which is one of the United States Department of Energy national laboratories, said that ML is everywhere now, and that it can be used to create "secure, trustworthy, science-based...Read Entire Article

  • Surge in Cyberpunk 2077 sales give CD Projekt Red its second-best year ever

    CD Projekt Red's latest financial results show that it brought in $222 million in revenue last year, up from the $207 million it made the previous year. Net profit was also up year-on-year, jumping 66% from $49 million in 2021 to $81 million in 2022. An 18% fall in operating costs also helped the company's bottom line.Read Entire Article

  • MSI reveals the eSports-focused G253PF 380Hz gaming monitor

    The MSI G253PF is the latest in the long list of monitors with incredibly high refresh rates. It's not quite as fast as the Asus Rog Swift 500Hz and Alienware AW2524H, both of which can hit 500Hz, though MSI's model is the same size as the former (24 inches).Read Entire Article

  • We Asked GPT Some Tech Questions, Can You Tell Which Answers Are Human and Which Are Not?

    Let's see if you can spot the difference between a human writer and an AI. We asked GPT 4.0 various tech questions and put them side-to-side with our answers taken from TechSpot explainers.Read Entire Article

  • Leaked 'Vulkan Files' reveal Russia's cyberwarfare operations

    An anonymous whistleblower angry over the Ukraine war provided the documents on Moscow IT consulting agency NTC Vulkan. Journalists from several publications, including The Guardian, have been working with the source and just published tell-all articles, referred to as The Vulkan Files.Read Entire Article

  • Mathematicians create a non-repeating pattern from a new 13-sided polygon dubbed 'the hat'

    The hat can tile a surface without creating transitional symmetry. In other words, the resulting pattern does not repeat. It is similar to the Penrose configuration in this regard. At first glance, you might see what you think is a repeating pattern, but consider it more closely.Read Entire Article

  • TrendForce says SSD prices haven't hit rock bottom yet

    TrendForce's latest report on NAND flash indicates that SSD costs will slide by another five-to-ten percent during the second quarter of 2023. If consumer demand stabilizes, prices may rebound around the fourth quarter. However, falling demand could delay recovery.Read Entire Article

  • Lockheed Martin and Nokia are bringing Earth communication devices to the Moon

    While NASA is about to reveal the astronaut crew that will return to the Moon aboard the Artemis 2 mission, private companies are already aligning behind the US space agency to turn Earth's only natural satellite into a new business frontier. Reliable communication is the number one requirement for future...Read Entire Article

  • 'Father of cell phone' talks mobile addiction, hope for the future

    It's been nearly 50 years since Cooper placed the first public call using a handheld cellular telephone. "Mobile" phones already technically existed, but they were tethered to vehicles. Cooper's idea of a mobile phone was a truly portable device that was not connected to a car and in late 1972,...Read Entire Article

  • Confused MAGA man struggles with his own logic when asked about Trump indictment (video)

    A law-and-order MAGA man struggled to answer a simple question about Donald Trump and accountability. The question was straightforward. "If Trump did do this, should be held accountable?" the Good Liars' Davram Stiefler asked about the Stormy Daniels scandal at a sparse indictment protest earlier this month. — Read the rest

  • Crypto scammer shifts to scamming insurance in the struggle to pay for his legal defense

    Former "genius" and CEO of failed crypto exchange FTX, Samuel Bankman-Fried, is hoping to use FTX's 'Directors and Officers' insurance to pay for his legal defense. FTX debtors and unsecured creditors have informed the court that FTX's D&O insurance was written to exclude the protection of an executive for precisely the types of fraud Mr. — Read the rest

  • This is what happens when you leave a stripper pole on a busy sidewalk (video)

    Cut placed a stripper pole on a busy sidewalk in Seattle on a rainy day. As William Gibson said, "the street finds its own uses for things." And in this case, the use is mostly as a stripper pole, albeit without any stripping. — Read the rest

  • Eric Trump complains that New York is wasting time prosecuting his dad instead of arresting Tylenol thieves

    It's always heartwarming to see the Trump family sticking together when one of them is facing criminal charges. Eric Trump, the epitome of a privileged, clueless heir, went on TV last night to express his confusion and dismay at the fact that his dad is being prosecuted by New York's criminal justice system. — Read the rest

  • Fox News has meltdown over Trump indictment in entertaining montage (video)

    After news broke that a Manhattan grand jury indicted Donald Trump, Fox News flew into a theatrical tailspin to keep their angry viewers entertained. The mock outrage, denialism, Democrat-shaming, repetitive use of the word "Rubicon," and even puddling "tears" (that only a behind-the-scenes eyedropper could have produced) was spectacular — at least when condensed into 54 seconds, as seen in the video below, created and posted by Kat Abu. — Read the rest

  • This 106-year-old tattoo artist is Vogue's new cover model

    Apo Whang-Od, 106 years old, appears on the cover of this month's Vogue Philippines. She's the oldest person ever to be on the cover of Vogue. Whang-Od is a master of an indigenous "hand-tapped" tattoo technique using a bamboo stick, a thorn, water, and coal. — Read the rest

  • Adam Savage visits Jim Henson's Creature Shop

    A few years ago I had the awesome opportunity to see Puppet Up! an improvised live stage show put on by some Henson Puppeteers. The incredible talent and artistry of what they do was a mystery to me before seeing the live show. — Read the rest

  • Thirsty or hurt plants "cry" and some animals may be able to hear them

    Plants that need water or are injured may audibly "cry," according to new research. Tel-Aviv University's Lilach Hadany and colleagues determined that thirsty or recently-cut plants produce ultrasonic clicking noises. The sounds are quite high-pitched and most likely only heard by some animals—bats and mice, for example—that are close by. — Read the rest

  • Elon Musk's plan to monetize Twitter verification stumbles

    Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, a micro-blogging platform that has been losing money, had an idea to turn his company's fortunes around: "I'll charge businesses $1,000 a month to keep their verified status!" he thought. "Just imagine how much money I could make!" — Read the rest

  • Feds go after Norfolk Southern, operator of derailed train that dumped toxic chemicals in East Palestine

    Already sued by the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania and unwilling to do much more than have its loathsome executives offer empty apologies and insulting promises to those affected, Norfolk Southern has a new problem today: the U.S. Department of Justice. — Read the rest

  • In praise of the muffuletta, a classic New Orleans sandwich

    Here's a food you should know, if you don't already: the muffuletta! It's a giant and delicious New Orleans classic that you really must try if you ever have the chance. But what, exactly, is a muffuletta? Here are a few mouthwatering descriptions: As big as a hubcap and layered with ham, salami, provolone cheese and — critically — olive salad, a single muffuletta sandwich can feed four grown adults. — Read the rest

  • The A.I. Dilemma, a month-old reality check about artificial intelligence, already seems dated

    Give yourself time to digest The A. I. Dilemma, a reality check from March 9th, 2023. I stress the date because AI's moving so fast that some concepts are outdated as soon as they are discussed, and in the month since this first aired, advancements have taken place that make quick history of it. — Read the rest

  • Oscars considering rule change to lock out Apple & Netflix

    The Oscar's governing board is considering rules that will force Apple TV+ and Netflix to release more movies for longer runs in theaters — or they won't even be considered for Academy Awards.Apple TV+ hit "CODA" was the first streaming film to win Best PictureApple was the first streamer to win a Best Picture Oscar with 2022's "CODA," and then it followed that with a second Academy Award for its short film "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse." Plus the company is reportedly increasing its movie budget to $1 billion annually, including the costs of having more theatrical releases. Read more...

  • Apple Gangnam store opens in South Korea with K-pop band

    Apple's Gangnam store in South Korea is now open and features a limited-time pop-up studio with K-pop band NewJeans.Apple GangnamThe company announced the opening earlier in March. The new store has a double-high facade, gradient fritted glass, and a mirrored coating finish. Read more...

  • GM ditching CarPlay & Android Auto for Google-built infotainment system

    General Motors plans to gradually replace CarPlay and Android Auto in its vehicles, in favor of an in-house infotainment system developed with Google, leaning on subscription services.GM snubs CarPlayAs Apple prepares to launch the next generation of CarPlay it teased in 2022, some automobile manufacturers are taking a step back. For example, after being late to the game in integrating third-party systems, GM will no longer offer CarPlay and Android Auto in future electric vehicles, starting with the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer. Read more...

  • Unique 'Lucky you' sealed original iPhone is up for auction

    A factory-sealed original iPhone with a unique sticker is up for auction that is expected to end at as much as $60,000.The "Lucky You" iPhoneComing from Wright auction house, a factory-sealed, first-generation iPhone has arrived from Donald Gajadhar of Fox-White Art & Antique Appraisals. But it has something that sets it apart from other boxed iPhones. Read more...

  • Deals: Chromebooks as low as $50, Dell USB-C monitor for $299, Apple Watch Ultra $659, more

    Today's top deals include a Corsair Surround wired gaming headset for $40, $130 off a TCL 65" Class 5-Series 4K Roku Smart TV, Samsung monitors as low as $130, and 50% off a JBL Dolby Atmos soundbar.Get a TCL 65-inch 4K TV for $398The AppleInsider Team searches the internet for stellar deals at online retailers to develop a list of fantastic bargains on trending tech items, including discounts on Apple products, storage devices, accessories, TVs and other gadgets. We share the best finds in our Daily Deals list to help you save money. Read more...

  • Apple Fifth Avenue celebrates Apple Music Classical with special Today at Apple performance

    The New York Philharmonic will perform at Apple Fifth Avenue to celebrate the launch of Apple's new classical music streaming app.Image Credit: AppleThe event, which is already full, will take place on Friday, March 31, at 6:00 pm. It is expected to run for about 45 minutes. Read more...

  • Apple providing iPads & more to 'Exceptional Minds' artistic program

    Apple has announced its support for Exceptional Minds, a program in Los Angeles that helps autistic artists explore their creativity.Exceptional Minds helps students using Apple productsThe school prepares neurodivergent artists for employment in entertainment through a blend of technical training, practical experience, and career-path planning, using technology provided by Apple's community grants program. Alumni have gotten jobs at top companies like Marvel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. Read more...

  • Tim Cook's whirlwind China tour continues with 'Genshin Impact' dev visit

    Apple CEO Tim Cook is continuing his tour of China and has now met the "phenomenal team" behind hit game and previous Apple Design Award winner "Genshin Impact."Tim Cook in Shanghai (Source: Weibo)Cook was one of the few US CEOs to attend the revived China Development Forum, and then later met with the Chinese Commerce Minister. Just as with his previous tours of Japan, and also Europe, Cook has added developer visits to his itinerary. Read more...

  • Solid-state iPhone 15 Pro buttons said to work with gloves & cases

    Adding to a recent leak about the iPhone 15 Pro switching away from physical buttons, a new report says that the sensitivity of the new solid-state ones will be customizable.Render of new buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro modelsA credible leaker known as "Anonymous A.S." has followed up an initial reporte about iPhone 15 Pro buttons, which is said to originate with a hardware developer at Apple. "Forgot to mention he does know those capacitive buttons will work very well with gloves and cases if designed correctly," says the leaker, "as there's a sensitivity toggle." Read more...

  • Italy bans ChatGPT for 'unlawful collection of personal data'

    Perché siamo il Garante, e tu sei pazzo Italian privacy enforcers have opened an investigation into OpenAI's ChatGPT for allegedly violating EU and Italian privacy laws by collecting personal data of the country's citizens without "a suitable legal basis".…

  • Ex-politico turned Meta hype man brands Metaverse 'new heart of computing'

    Stop sniggering at the back. 'We're going to stick with it', says Nick Clegg. Unlike Disney Meta’s head of global affairs was wheeled out this week to say the Metaverse is still going be a thing in the future, soon after Disney – once an exponent of this brave new virtual world – ditched its own plans.…

  • Decade old patent suit goes Apple's way

    But wait! There could be more litigation as VirnetX isn't giving up yet On Thursday an appeals court upheld a ruling in favor of Apple, in a $503 million patent case with Nevada-based security software and technology vendor VirnetX that has been ongoing for thirteen years.…

  • Virgin Orbit lays off 85% of staff as funding deal falters

    Expenses slashed as hopes dashed for UK space pioneer Virgin Orbit — the UK’s big hope for space launches — looks set to suspend operations indefinitely, cutting the majority of its staff and keeping 15 percent as it seeks eleventh hour funding.…

  • Psst! Infosec bigwigs: Wanna be head of security at HM Treasury for £50k?

    Juicy private sector job vs … money off a season travel ticket Given the importance of the Treasury department's function to Britain, Reg readers might expect the Head of Cyber Security vacancy currently being advertised would come with a salary that reflects its criticality.…

  • Couchbase's chief techie on squaring the schema-less circle

    Ravi Mayuram on work to make life easier for devs while sprinkling a bit of SQL on top Interview  Couchbase is a JSON document database with global users including PayPal, eBay, and travel distribution system Amadeus, companies with a combined revenue of nearly $40 billion. Its total annual income was $154.8 million, so why is such a small database outfit trusted by big biz?…

  • NHS Highland 'reprimanded' by data watchdog for BCC blunder with HIV patients

    'Serious breach of trust' says ICO, 'stakes too high' for mistakes in cases like this In a classic email snafu NHS Highland sent messages to 37 patients infected with HIV and inadvertently used carbon copy (CC) instead of Blind Carbon Copy meaning the recipients could see each other’s email addresses.…

  • Uptime guarantees don't apply when you turn a machine off, then on again, to 'fix' it

    The chap who took the support call for the SEV-1 incident survived – just On Call  With another working week almost behind us, The Register has found another tale to tell in our On-Call column – the home of reader-contributed stories of thankless tech support tasks.…

  • Pro-Russia cyber gang Winter Vivern puts US, Euro lawmakers in line of fire

    Winter is coming for NATO countries A cyber spy gang supporting Russia is targeting US elected officials and their staffers, in addition to European lawmakers, using unpatched Zimbra Collaboration software in two campaigns spotted by Proofpoint.…