As we move into a new era of work, there is one area that can make or break the success of your organization: the effectiveness of your managers. Managers are a key driver of employee engagement and business results.

Yet, many managers today are floundering to navigate the evolving workplace and the challenges that come with it. Without support or investment in their growth, these managers can have a massive negative impact on their teams and the organization as a whole.

How does manager effectiveness really impact an organization? And how do you take steps to improve it? In this guide, we’ll explore these questions and share insights on taking your manager development initiatives to the next level.

What’s inside?

–  The state of manager effectiveness today

–  The negative impacts of ineffective managers

–  Key elements of a successful manager development program

–  Tips on getting executive buy-in for manager development initiatives

–  The benefits of a blended approach to manager development

–  Insights into the power of incorporating technology