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This 3-page solution brief provides an overview of Adobe Sign benefits for various organizations, including sales, legal, HR, marketing, procurement and more. In more detail, the paper discusses capabilities and benefits for IT, operations, and teams.

In a transformed workplace—with employees in remote or hybrid situations—business leaders are navigating how to drive enterprise growth in a new environment. For CIOs, a crucial element of this is mastering employee and customer-facing workflows. This report, a collaboration between Adobe and Forbes Insights, is informed by survey findings based on 500 CIO and CXO respondents from NA and EMEA.

In a recent Forrester study, 58 percent of business leaders said that the pandemic led more people in their companies to adopt e-signatures. While document workflows have become more automated and streamlined, some businesses still rely on manual signatures.

As cloud adoption continues to grow, it is crucial companies understand how security can impact operations in the cloud and what the ramifications are if their environment is not adequately protected. There are numerous components to consider when establishing your cloud adoption strategy and security policies, including data, users, applications, infrastructure, and more.

Customers across different industries, with a wide variety of workloads and business demands, have turned to Looker for a modern business intelligence solution that plays a key role in their technology infrastructure. In this five-part ebook, you will learn from many real-world customers how they overcame complex challenges that stemmed from data tools designed for the workplaces of the last decade.

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use cloud contact center platform that provides omnichannel customer service on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Additionally, Amazon Connect powers Salesforce Service Cloud Voice to bring together phone, digital channels, and CRM data into one unified contact center experience.

Salesforce surveyed 4,102 commerce leaders and analyzed the consumer and business buyer behavior of over 1 billion customers worldwide. We learned: How executives are bridging online and offline commerce How important first-party data is in light of changing regulations and policies How sellers are investing to keep up with rising customer expectationsow.

In this free guide on Cloud computing, you’re going to learn exactly what the Cloud is, how it’s used, why it’s used and also why businesses around the world rely on it to power their IT infrastructure and scale in size, as their need demands.